Tiny Wings 2 Coming to iOS July 12

Fluff up your nests and stretch your stubby little wings: Tiny Wings 2 is preparing to hit the App Store. ‘Oh!’ you gasp as you recall the little belly-sliding bird who made a fool out of gravity, ‘I can’t wait!’ Series creator Andreas Illiger understands the pain of waiting, so he won’t force you to bear the slow sting of passing days and weeks. Tiny Wings 2 hits the App Store very soon–on Thursday July 12, to be exact. How’s that for prompt service?

Andreas Illiger hasn’t offered up too many hints about what Tiny Wings 2 is all about. Does it play like its famous predecessor? Is it a universal app? Is it scrumptious? One thing’s for sure: going by the trailer Illiger uploaded late last week (see below), Tiny Wings 2 is going to be every bit as whimsical and endearing as the first game.

What do you hope to see from Tiny Wings 2? Would you like to see a complete re-imagining of the concept, or did Illiger hit on perfection the first time around, thereby making ‘more of the same’ perfectly acceptable?

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