Ticket to Ride Receives New Digital Map Pack: Legendary Asia

All Aboard! The digital port of the famous Ticket to Ride board game has a new map pack, titled ‘Legendary Asia,” available for download. The game has also received a whack of awesome upgrades, including new achievements, retina support on the new iPad, and Steam Play support.

Just to bring you up to speed in case the train glided by you while you had your back turned: Ticket to Ride is a digital adaptation of a German-style railway-themed board game. The iOS versions of the game (Ticket to Ride for iPad and Ticket to Ride Pocket for iPod Touch/iPhone) recently passed one million downloads, which makes the introduction of the Legendary Asia map pack an especially celebratory event.

The map pack is available as an in-game purchase for $3.99 USD . It can be downloaded on three versions of the Ticket to Ride: the iPad version, the browser-based version at DaysofWonder.com, and on the PC/Mac via Steam Play.

You’ve got a Ticket to Ride, and you should care.

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