Thursday Twitter Giveaway: Minigore, Pipe Mania, and Enviro-Bear 2010

Congratulations to @raoupp, @bgribin, and @pech286, our three winners. We’ve sent you a direct message through Twitter, so if you won first or second place be sure to write us back and let us know your choice of prizes.

By the way, the most popular games mentioned in your responses were Peggle and Baseball Sluggers. If you didn’t win, don’t worry– we’ll have another Twitter giveaway next Tuesday.

Since you all did such a great job on Tuesday, we’re having another Twitter giveaway today. We’ve got copies of the just-released Minigore, the Must Have game Pipe Mania, and one-of-a-kind bear driving sim Enviro-Bear 2010 to give away. Click ahead for instructions.

Enviro-Bear isn’t in Minigore just yet, but you can win either game in our contest.

OK, here are the rules. This time, instead of just retweeting a message, we want you to follow and then respond to @SlideToPlay, and tell us your answer to this question: Which iPhone game have you spent the most time playing? If you can, tell us what makes it so compelling to you as well. Also, include the link back to this contest page:

We’ll pick three winners tomorrow around 2pm PST, and DM you to find out which game you want to claim as your prize. First place gets first pick, second place gets second pick, and third place gets the remaining prize. As before, these codes only work in the US App Store, and you should only submit your entry once.

Good luck!

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