Thor: The Dark World Coming in November from Gameloft

Across the rainbow bridge of Asgard where the booming heavens roar, you’ll (maybe) behold in breathless wonder a new Thor game by Gameloft. Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game is an iOS and Android title that’s set for release alongside the upcoming movie, Thor: The Dark World. Click the jump for a trailer.

Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game is a top-down hack-and-slash title with an original plotline written by Marvel veteran Christopher Yost. Thor must restore order to the Nine Worlds by planting Mjolnir in the faces of dark elves and marauders.


Gameloft and Marvel teamed up previously to produce iOS games based on The Amazing Spider-Man and Iron Man 3, but neither game is a top-down adventure. This should be new hat for fans of Marvel-based games. Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game hits the App Store and Google Play in November, which is when the movie will debut in theaters.

One thought on “Thor: The Dark World Coming in November from Gameloft

  1. Love that reference to the classic Marvel Heroes cartoon! Part of the reason why I’m such a big Thor fan are those great cheaply-animated adaptations of the Lee and Kirby comics.

    I’m not crazy at the prospect of this being a F2P game – hopefully it won’t interfere with gameplay all that much – but everything else has me looking forward to this. The 100 missions seem to indicate that this can be a game with some longevity, and there’s the possibility of having more characters than Thor to play as (seeing how Fandral was shown during the trailer, I’m thinking that the Multiplayer mode might allow players to select other characters. I don’t have any sources, I’m just speculating).

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