The Sandbox Update Brings Lots of New Goodies

The element-creation game The Sandbox has just received an update that adds seven new elements, a handful of new instruments, and 20 new levels. If you’re into playing god, it’s probably worth checking out. Watch the update trailer below to see what you’re in for.

The new elements are Laser, E. Laser, Gas Sensor, Insulator, Pump, Pipe, and Drain. The instruments are Guitar, Bass, Drums and Trumpet. Level-wise, the Dinosaur and Pixel Art campaigns received five new levels apiece, and they’ve added a new Lasers and Pipes level pack of 10 levels.

The game is free, the update is free, and we’ve enjoyed playing with the new elements so far. So if that sounds like fun to you, read our review, and download the game here.

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