The Full Story of Ridiculous Fishing

Here’s something mobile gamers might want to check out: Polygon has posted a massively in-depth look at the making of Ridiculous Fishing. The game, which began life as a browser-based Flash title, was famously cloned on the App Store while developer Vlambeer was working to port the game over themselves.

Reporter Russ Pitts has turned two year’s worth of interviews with Vlambeer into a tale of ambition, struggle and success. Here’s a quote from the article:

Ridiculous Fishing was stolen. That’s what you and I would call it. In game development (particularly in the Wild West of mobile game development), they call it “cloning.” Basically, someone took the guts of the game, made it look different, then sold it as their own. This is a common practice. And it’s legal, in short, because it is not yet illegal.

You can read the whole thing here, and watch a documentary below.

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