The Act Was Originally Intended for Arcades

If you’re a child of the ‘˜80s, then a lightbulb probably lit up in your head as soon as you saw the earliest iOS trailers for The Act. React Entertainment’s hand-drawn adventure game is reminiscent of LaserDisc arcade classics like Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace. The similarities are not a coincidence. In fact, earlier this week, React revealed to Gamasutra that The Act was originally intended for the arcade itself.

The Act was conceived by Omar Khudari, the founder of React Entertainment. React was opened in 2009, but the conception of The Act predates that: it was originally proposed and developed in the mid-Aughts. Instead of swiping the screen of your iOS device with varying levels of intensity to control Edgar’s actions, you would have turned a dial up or down.

Unfortunately, the North American arcade scene in the mid-Aughts can best be described as ‘sickly’ (even ‘barely alive’ would be pushing it), and nobody was in the mood to take a chance on The Act, even though it was pretty much ready to go. The game never made it out the door until React refined the release for iOS.

Gamasutra’s interview with React Entertainment provides an interesting and in-depth look at how The Act was engineered and then retooled for iOS. We found The Act’s gameplay to be a bit touch-and-go, so to speak, but there’s no argument that the game’s presentation is top-notch and has a lot of heart. We’re excited to see what React has planned for the future.

[via Gamasutra]

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