Temple Run Celebrates First Birthday and 100 Million Downloads

We’ve been running like hell for a year and one day. On August 2, Imagni Studios distributed a press release announcing the one-year anniversary of Temple Run. What milestones has the endless runner achieved during its first year of life? Oh, just a paltry 100 million downloads across several devices. No big.

Temple Run has been imitated over and over again, and even the original game has received official spin-offs like Temple Run: Brave. But it’s the original game that remains lodged on our hearts like so many shadowy monster claws. Temple Run has been downloaded over 68 million times on iOS, and over 32 million times on Android.

‘We never imagined that the game we were making and loved would be so well received around the world,’ said Imangi’s co-founder, Keith Shepherd. ‘The last year has been incredible for us, and we are grateful to fans of the game. We hope to be able to provide them with more entertainment from the brand for years to come.’

Did you know that 10 billion sessions of Temple Run have been played, and that 13% of the United States’ population has downloaded the game? For more cool stats, check out this Temple Run infographic that Imangi released to celebrate the game’s big zero-one.

But the party doesn’t stop there. Temple Run’s latest iOS update now allows for retina support, more achievements, and the ability to enable or disable specific powers. Moreover, Imangi making its pre-Temple Run library free for a limited time.

You’ve run all day and run all night for a solid year, right? May as well go for another.

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