Tapulous Making A Million Dollars a Month

With all the recent talk about the problems some companies are having with iPhone development (like studios complaining about time spent waiting for apps and updates to go live, or others concerned about piracy hitting profits), the news that Tapulous may be one of the format’s top earners has caused something of a stir in the UK press. The Telegraph of London yesterday proclaimed that the studio is pulling in the cash from its lineup of rhythm action games.

Tapulous, if the name doesn’t give it away, is the developer responsible for the Tap Tap franchise. Games like Tap Tap Revenge, Tap Tap Dance, and Tap Tap Coldplay all have made assaults on the App Store that, according to the studio, pull in around $1 million a month altogether.

The Telegraph believes Tapulous is a fine example of how iPhone apps are becoming “increasingly significant” in the world of handheld gaming, but of more interest is the example the developer provides for the rest of the industry. With fewer than two dozen employees, Tapulous initially secured funding and now pulls in revenue from everything from the game sales themselves to in-game advertising, not to mention the money that comes from selling tracks to use in play.

Perhaps more important than all this, however, is the fact that, in a similar way to the Dance Dance Revolution craze of the late 90s, the Tap Tap titles tap (ahem) into a simple gameplay ethic, their credibility instantly boosted by the tracks they come with. Like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, SingStar and the like, the Tap Tap series suggests iPhone gaming has gone mainstream, the so called “casual” gamers investing time and money aplenty in the series. Reasons to be tap-happy, perhaps?

[From The Telegraph]

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