Tapulous Flees Pirate-Infested iPhone Waters

Tapulous may have one of the most successful iPhone franchises on its hands, with Tap Tap Revenge the most popular game on the App Store ever, according to an FADE LLC report. But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the studio.

In fact, according to a report on music blog Music Ally, Tapulous is looking to port its Tap Tap titles to other formats. One of the main reasons behind the move is the huge piracy the series has reportedly suffered on iPhone.

‘To date we haven’t been motivated to move to another platform, but in 2010 we’re definitely looking to port,’ VP of business development Tim O’Brien said at the MidemNet Mobile Apps and Music panel session.

The franchise has enjoyed huge success on iPhone, with Tap Tap Revenge titles as a whole having been downloaded 25 million times from the App Store. However, it appears O’Brien’s claim that 1 million of Tap Tap Revenge 3’s first 2.5 million downloads were illegal has tainted the company’s experience with the format.

As a result, it seems likely that we’ll see Tap Tap Revenge turning up on other smartphones, though no details have yet been revealed.

Even those pesky pirates have their uses, however. O’Brien stated that some have even been tempted away from the dark side. The ability to buy tracks in-game and the advertising that decorates play has apparently transformed some into valid, paying customers.

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