Tales of Phantasia Released for iOS

In a surprise move, Namco Bandai has just released Tales of Phantasia to iOS. The game, the first in the long-running “Tales” series of RPGs, was originally released in Japan for Super Famicom in 1995. The whole game remains intact, with the original, pixely graphics and classic (or generic) story line, but it comes with a whole new set of free-to-play features. You can download it here.

It’s a strange way to present an RPG, but the game offers in-app purchase items that let you play through the game easier. You can buy items that revive your party when you die and stop random battles from happening for a while. Weirder still, you can pay money to give your party more experience points.

It’s a free download, so give it a try and let us know what you think.

4 thoughts on “Tales of Phantasia Released for iOS

  1. You should mention the WEIRDEST part of this release.. The CONSTANT NEED OF INTERNET CONNECTION!!! You need to be online all the time to play this SINGLE PLAYER game…

    • Correct! Namco Bandai must clarify about that always-online thing (which never exists in the mobile ports of FFI-VI). I think the point of that thing is for uploading saves to a server as backup. Also, Tales of Phantasia’s iOS port’s filesize is higher than the original PS version’s by almost half!!! (Maybe due to higher-qualty audio and anime sequences.) Another kicker that the game is only available so far in US, CA, and JP App Stores. And one more version? Is the English translation made for iOS based off the official localization for the GBA version or the DeJap one?

      • What make is worse that it’s DeJap version!!!! I really want to play this but constant online for me is a big NO!

  2. I thought it was weird at first. I fired up this game in a place with really poor connections and couldn’t play for a long while. Not only that, IAP and they royally screwed up the battle system. The touch controls they made for it are horrible. Deleted it. Good riddence. They really know how to **** up a great game.

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