Sword & Sworcery Dev Releases Sales Infographic

Capy Games, the developers of the excellent pixelated adventure game Sword & Sworcery, have released an infographic that details the game’s sales figures across all platforms. If you’re a developer, or you’re interested in the business side of the games industry, it’s definitely worth checking out.

According to the graphic, they’ve made the majority of their revenue from iOS sales, but the game has been out on iOS significantly longer than on other platforms. It looks like iOS gamers were more likely to pay full price for the title than Android gamers, but again it’s not clear when and how long the game was on sale on both platforms.


3 thoughts on “Sword & Sworcery Dev Releases Sales Infographic

  1. So 1/3 of the units sold was from a bundle that included 5 other games and most people pay $1 or less for, not much to brag about.

    • Yes but 86% of their iOS revenue was at full price as was 50% of their Steam sales, which is something to be happy about. Especially since the Steam price is $8 and on sale was down to what the iOS full price normally is. So by my some what fuzzy math, that’s nearly 60% of sales at full price. And when you consider that they’ve sold over 1.5 million copies, that’s a healthy chunk of change no matter how you look at it.

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