‘Sword & Poker Adventures’ Is Out Now

We’re long-time of the Sword & Poker series on iOS. In fact, we’re such big fans that we gave both installments of the franchise Must Have ratings for their clever mash-up of RPG mechanics and, well, poker. (You can read the reviews here and here.) Konami has gotten hold of the rights to the franchise and has just released a free-to-play version called Sword & Poker Adventures. You can download it here.

Now, before you get all stressed out about the pricing model, you should know that the original games are still available for purchase on the App Store. Problem is, they haven’t been updated since the bygone era of 2010, meaning they don’t have modern conveniences like Retina graphics or universal capability. Sword & Poker Adventures, on the other hand, has both of those things.

The game looks great, and from our experience the free-to-play stuff isn’t too intrusive. If you find yourself being hurled against a pay wall, however, you can drop $4.99 on an in-app purchase that gives you unlimited battle energy, meaning you’ll never have to stop playing because you ran out of freemium juice.

This is a great game for any fan of either poker or RPGs. And if you’re an RPG fan who’s never tried poker, this would be a terrific way to learn the game before you go to Vegas, get hammered, and end up putting your mortgage on the line.

  • Zephram

    Neglected to mention the iPad 4 and above requirement. For a card game! A frickin’ card game!

  • nothingman

    It’s fine for what it is, but not a single mechanic here that wasn’t present in Sword and Poker or Sword and Poker 2 without the freemium junk.

  • anonymous

    Not bad, I liked the first two games.

    Trying now, if the IAP system is done right…

  • Joxer the Mighty

    Beautiful new paint job, but the game is still ruined by IAPs. It looks like paying for unlimited energy still doesn’t save you from needing coins and gems to buy overpriced weapons/powerups.

  • jeffyg3

    Game is horrible with crappy IAP., nothing new, and not as addicting as the 2 older masterpieces in the series. They ruined it. Oh well, back to playing Sword & Poker 2.

    I wouldn’t waste my time with this one. Get the older ones, those are worthy games. The new one is junk