Street Fighter IV Gets Sagat and Dee Jay

Last month’s Street Fighter IV update gave gamers two new characters: Sagat and Dee Jay. To unlock Dee Jay, however, you had to compete in three local multiplayer matches. And since many people with the game didn’t know anyone else with the game, this was a problem. With this newest update, the solution has arrived.

You can now unlock Dee Jay all by your lonesome by beating the game in tournament mode with every character. Even Dhalsim. Needless to say, that’s no small task. If you’re one of those gamers who usually sticks to Ken, it’s time to start practicing.

The latest update for Street Fighter IV has hit the App Store, bringing Muay Thai fighter Sagat into the fray. As an added bonus (and perhaps less of a a surprise than they’d hoped), Jamaican kick boxer Dee Jay is included as well.

There’s a caveat, however: You can’t play as Dee Jay until you compete in three versus matches, which is impossible unless you know someone else with the game. (Hint: If your buddy doesn’t want to pay for it, he or she can sign in on the App Store under your account and “re-download” it for free).

Also added in this update is a streamlined way to create versus matches and a fight request feature. And if you’re willing to drop $0.99 on it, a new in-app purchase is available that gives you alternate background music from Street Fighter II.

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