Street Fighter IV Coming to iPhone

Now updated with six screenshots of Street Fighter 4 in action! Ryu and Ken are the only confirmed characters, but it looks like Guile will challenge you with some Air Force physical training as well. We also have a March release confirmed by Capcom.

One of the best fighting games in recent memory is coming to the iPhone, continuing the onslaught of big-name console series we’ve seen announced for the iPhone. It’s Street Fighter IV, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

SFIV has adapted its brand of deep yet accessible fighting to several systems, and now Capcom is going to try bringing it to iPhone. Fighting games haven’t exactly been outstanding so far in the iPhone’s life cycle, but if there’s any company that has a chance to break that cycle, it’s Capcom.

SFIV was just announced today, so details are still a little bit fuzzy. We’re hearing that the console game’s amazing graphical style will remain intact, and that most of the game will make the trip. It’s also being said that many classic characters will be included, but that several all new characters will be revealed as well. Ryu and Ken are the only confirmed fighters at this time. Multiplayer will not be online, only one-on-one via bluetooth connection.

The biggest worry for us is that the action won’t translate well to a system with no tactile buttons. The game will use a virtual joystick and buttons, but we’ll see just how well the game works with that form of input. Screenshots and a hands-on preview will be coming up soon.

[via IGN Wireless]

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