Steam Pirates Delayed

Oyaji Games has announced today that their highly anticipated follow-up to the fantastic Mecho Wars will unfortunately be delayed.

Stating that the team is unhappy with the current battle system, studio head Luc Bernard told Pocket Gamer that the game has been delayed without offering a new release window for eager fans to look forward to.

Steam Pirates is a bit of an absurd game, and just about anything goes in this game’s universe.

“I guess it’s probably one of the most ridiculous ideas ever,” Bernard said in Slide to Play’s exclusive preview. “But I think it’s going to work. I guess I just decided not even to think what kind of market there will be for the game… I’m just going to insert whatever I want in it, and see what happens.”

It sounds as if the team is going to be scrapping most of the battle system, which probably means this is a good delay for fans anticipating Bernard and Oyaji’s next work. It’s no fun when a major game gets pushed back, but if it’s being done to improve the end product, then in the end it’s probably for the best.

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