Star Wars: Trench Run Updated With New Levels and Features

Hot off the heels of tower defense best-seller Star Wars: Battle For Hoth, last year’s Star Wars game just received a major new update. Star Wars: Trench Run now has new levels, ships, and features that let you use your iPhone to control the web version of the game.

Version 2.0 adds Y-Wings and the Millennium Falcon to the Rebel’s space force, with three missions where you play as Han Solo protecting the Rebel assault on the Death Star. You’ll even have a chance to shoot down Darth Vader’s Advanced TIE Fighter.

The new iPhone version also lets you wirelessly control the web version of the game, found here.

Since it’s Comic-Con week and we’re geeking out big time in San Diego, we’ll be sure to try out this new update and let you know if it makes Trench Run worth revisiting. The original game, as we said in our original review, is fun for Star Wars devotees but a bit too short to be worth five dollars. Maybe this new update will help bring balance to the Force.

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