Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth Announced for iPhone

Our friends over at 148Apps just got wind of a new Star Wars game that will be coming out any day now called Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth.

Developed by Fluffylogic, this will be a tower defense game set during one of the coolest (and coldest) battle sequences ever put on film. You command the Rebel Alliance, with the goal of defending your much-needed shield generators from wave after wave of the Imperial army. The evildoers will enter from the left side of the screen and make their way to the right. Your job is to destroy them before they can exit the right side of the map. Easy and normal difficulty settings will be available.

To plant your defenses, you’ll spend Command Points. You start out each level with a set amount of Command Points, but each group of Imperial villains you destroy yields additional points. You can also spend your points to upgrade your units to beef up their power and firing range. Interestingly, you’ll be able to dig trenches to guide the enemy into a well-planned gauntlet of destruction, should you choose.

A full unit list with descriptions is available at the link below, but Rebel highlights include Soldiers, Heavy Weapon Soldiers, 1.4 FD P-Tower Laser Cannons, and X-Wing Control Towers. Imperial units include Viper Probe Droids, Snowtroopers, 74-Z Speeder Bikes, AT-ST Walkers, TIE Fighters, and of course some hulkingly enormous AT-AT Walkers.

We haven’t been this excited for a tower defense game in a long time. Since the Empire Strikes Back turns 30 this year, why not celebrate by bringing the hurt to the Empire? No release date has been set, but the developer says its App Store debut is “imminent.”

[Via 148Apps]

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