Star Wars: Cantina Announced

With action-based Star Wars titles Trench Run and The Force Unleashed already on the App Store, it seems THQ Wireless has decided it was time to take the popular franchise in a new direction. In their upcoming Star Wars: Cantina, you play as barmaid Nia Adea, serving familiar customers their space-approved beverage of choice.

Much like other time-management games, Star Wars: Cantina has a steady stream of customers romping into your pub to get their fair share of booze. The bartender will take on mixing the drinks, so your task is to deliver them to the right customers. Many of these, such as Jabba the Hutt and rowdy groups of stormtroopers, will be familiar to franchise fans.

A campaign with a story told through comic-book style pictures and an endless mode will be available to suit different types of play sessions. Doing a good job will allow you to use items to decorate your cantina and raise the spirits of the residents.

Star Wars: Cantina may not bring much new to the table, but our hope is that it capitalizes on the franchise in a compelling way. The game is said to be launching very soon, and we will take a deeper look when it does.

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