Stan Lee’s Verticus Announced

We’ve just received some impressive concept art for Stan Lee’s Verticus, which you can view below. Click ahead to see what Stan Lee looks like as the Mission Commander, plus artwork revealing Verticus’s main hero and enemies.

Stan Lee, the most famous of all comic creators, has announced an upcoming iOS game called Stan Lee’s Verticus. In the game, a team of intergalactic criminals have planted a doomsday device in the core of the earth, and only one hero can stop it. The game hits the App Store this fall, but you can watch the trailer below.

An endless falling game, Verticus has you plummet through the Earth’s atmosphere, down into the ground and deep into the earth to dismantle the bomb. Along the way you have to dodge and destroy obstacles, powering up your character as you play through the game again and again.

Interestingly, Stan Lee himself plays your mission commander, so you’ll see his likeness and hear his voice in the game. You can also hear his distinctive voice narrating the trailer below. Give it a look.

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