Square Enix’s Card Battler Guardian Cross Hits App Store

If you’re a fan of Square Enix games but don’t want to drop $20 to $30 on an iOS game, today is your lucky day: they’ve just released a freemium card battling game called Guardian Cross. It’s a universal app, and while you might have to do a little waiting, you don’t have to spend a dime to play it. Click here to view it on the App Store.

The game takes place in a fantasy world where all sorts of beasts (called “Guardian Monsters”) have shown up, and humans are able to control them. You play as a guardian master in training, so your job is to capture guardians, assemble a powerful team of beasts, and go on missions for the empress. In your spare time, you can have your monsters battle other players’ monsters in the coliseum, or tweak and upgrade your team to your heart’s content. There’s a lot to do here, and the tutorial does a good job of acquainting you with the basics.

One thing to note is that the battles are automated, so don’t expect traditional RPG battles, or even Magic: The Gathering-style combat. Also, since this is a freemium game, you occasionally have to wait through cool-off periods before you can do certain things like hunting for new guardians or engaging in battles on missions. If you feel like speeding up these processes, you can always pay money to do them immediately.

But overall, we’re impressed with what we’ve seen of Guardian Cross so far. The card artwork looks very nice, especially on a new iPad screen, and the game mechanics are quite a bit deeper than most of the other freemium games out there. So give it a shot if you want to sink your teeth into a meaty card battling RPG without spending the money.

One thought on “Square Enix’s Card Battler Guardian Cross Hits App Store

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