Square Enix Releases 774 Deaths

Out of nowhere, Square Enix has just released a bizarre little game called 774 Deaths. It’s a super-tough minigame collection with 8-bit graphics reminiscent of the original Final Fantasy on NES. The type of gameplay depends on the level, but each level is incredibly tough, with instant death waiting around every corner.

The first level plays like a standard platformer, with movement arrows on the left and a jump button on the right. The second level has you turn your device to portrait orientation and makes your hero fall down a pit whose walls are lined with bloody 8-bit axes. Here, you use tilt to avoid touching the walls. The third level has your character run to the right automatically, and you tap the screen to jump.

So far, it seems like a masochistic minigame collection, and we’re enjoying the heck out of it, particularly the old-school graphics and chiptunes. We’ll have a full review as soon as we can, but if you like tough-as-nails titles, 774 Deaths seems like a safe bet.

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