Square Enix: Chaos Rings Already the Top iPhone RPG

It may well say something about the state of RPGs on iPhone rather than the inevitable popularity of almost every Square Enix game unleashed in the West, but the recently released Chaos Rings is already the best selling RPG on the system.

Well, that’s according to the publisher itself, anyway. Square Enix put out a press release caked in self-congratulation that proclaims Chaos Rings as the ‘number one selling RPG iPhone game around the world,’ holding the top sales position in 14 countries across the globe– although it didn’t go as far as to detail actual sales figures.

We’re certainly not going to disagree with the company’s assertion. Big RPGs were, until recently, widely regarded as having collectively missed the boat on the App Store, and though Chaos Rings undoubtedly performed well, the genre sales target it was chasing to become the top dog more than likely wasn’t all that high.

Regardless, hints suggest that Chaos Rings HD for iPad is already in the works– a move that’s pretty much inevitable for every big iPhone release of the last few months– with Square Enix’s Takehiro Ando claiming he had been ‘moved’ to work on a release for the format.

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