Splinter Cell: Conviction Release Date Decoded: May 27

Sometimes even super spies turn out to be mistaken. Gameloft announced today on Facebook that the official release date for Splinter Cell: Conviction is May 27. Sorry, fans. You’ll have to wait three more days than we’d thought.

The new release date screenshot is below. Perhaps the image our super spy decoded yesterday was a clever red-herring? Either way, you’ll be able to have an angst-driven Sam Fisher on your iDevice by the end of the month.

A teaser image on the website Sam’s New Mission, which is meant to slowly reveal the release date of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction for the iPhone, has been intercepted and decoded by a super spy. The release date for the game will be May 24.

While we hate to spoil the teaser campaign, Gameloft’s website wasn’t exactly spy-proof. Just go to the website, right click on the image and copy the link location, then change the numbers to reveal the full release date.

Anticipation for this game is at a fever-pitch, so we don’t blame our sleuthy readers for trying to get a jump on this game. For more on Splinter Cell: Conviction, read our hands-on preview and watch the trailers here.

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