Sonic Dash Announced for iOS

Sega has just announced a new endless runner featuring the speedy blue hedgehog. It’s called Sonic Dash, and it’s coming to iOS “soon.” We really enjoyed the mascot’s last outing, Sonic Jump, so we hope Sega brings the same creative flair to the table this time around.

All they really say about the gameplay of Sonic Dash is that it offers a “frenzied 3D dash,” which makes it sound kind of like Temple Run. Not that that’s a bad thing! It will also feature friend challenges and leaderboards.


2 thoughts on “Sonic Dash Announced for iOS

  1. hopefully we will see a bit more variety than temple run. And hopefully we will see levels with endings and bosses. Sega made the best “endless” jumper on the app store, now they have the chance to make the best “endless” runner. Endless used very very loosely. Man endless games suck… the traditional ones that is.

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