Sonic 2 Speeds Onto iPhone in New Zealand

While much of our attention has been focused on the still-rumored-but-not-yet-confirmed release of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 on the iPhone, Sega recently announced that Sonic 2–possibly the most celebrated release in the series–was iPhone-bound.

Just as you might expect, Sonic has turned up in quick time. Reports claim the game is already available on the App Store in New Zealand, with a release expected in the US at 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (8 Pacific).

While the reception awarded the port of Sonic the Hedgehog was fairly lukewarm (our very own review warned that slowdown issues constantly ‘dragged down the momentum’ of the blue one’s iPhone debut), hopefully Sega will have addressed the issues critics had with the original title to serve up something all the more speedy this time around.

Or, Sega might simply have dollar symbols in its eyes, dreaming of all the money it’s likely to make regardless of whether it’s done a good job or not.

Either way, Sonic 2 is expected to retail at $5.99. Retro gamers, you might have to skip lunch tomorrow to afford it, but let’s hope it fills you with speedy platforming goodness. Our full review will be along soon.

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