Slide To Play Podcast #184: The Dots Were Dead the Whole Time

On this week’s podcast, Jer, Nadia, and Chris chat about a beloved Star Wars game possibly coming to iPad, and then launch into the games they’ve been playing on their iPhones and iPads. Click ahead to stream the show, check out our show notes, and download the thing if that’s more your speed.

News: The Angry Birds movie gets a writer, Knights of the Old Republic might be coming to iPad

What We’re Playing: Manuganu, Dots – A Game About Connecting, Bombcats

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2 thoughts on “Slide To Play Podcast #184: The Dots Were Dead the Whole Time

  1. You guys totally hit on my biggest question regarding the Angry Birds movie: who cares? The 2016 release means that either no one will care, or that they’ll continue to pump these games/merchandise/etc. for the next 3 years… I’m right with you in that I’m already sick of Angry Birds, so I really hope it’s not the latter.

    I’ve never played Knights of the Old Republic either, so I was hoping you guys could give a little more information on it, but it would be cool to hear more about this as it progresses.

    Anyway, great show as always.

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