Slide To Play Podcast #175: You Can Hear the Forest Happening

In this week’s podcast, we interview the CEO of Angry Mob Games, Bogdan Iliesiu, about their bloody new action game AVP Evolution. We also discuss new games like Major Magnet, CrazyBill, and Year Walk. Start downloading and listening by following the links straight ahead!


Games We’re Playing: Year Walk, Major Magnet, CrazyBill

Interview: Bogdan Iliesiu from Angry Mob Games, developers of AVP Evolution.

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One thought on “Slide To Play Podcast #175: You Can Hear the Forest Happening

  1. Interesting to hear almost half of this episode used for discussing the controversy surrounding Year Walk.
    Let’s get one thing straight: I really liked Year Walk and I still think you guys are way too hard on it. No hints were needed for a nitwit like myself to complete it and I only had to write down something once, and I’m pretty sure I could have remembered that as well if I’d put my mind to it. Also, and this bothers me a little bit, the game isn’t “huge” nor requires a lot of “backtracking”, nor is it a bad thing that the entire environment is “open” from the start. Year Walk is basically a pretty small game, taking place in limited surroundings, that slowly reveal their secrets. This is not Myst. You don’t have to co-op or keep entire notebooks to solve things, like you implied. By the way, I realize that “not-being-like-Myst” might be a relief for some but off-putting for others. Hey, I not only have a wife but two toddlers as well, so I’m not looking for time-consuming adventures while there are other priorities. But Year Walk is not like that. Actually, comparing it to a Stanley Kubrik movie makes more sense: it’s visceral, it’s unique, and either you get it or you don’t.
    I got it. I guess Chris didn’t. But that won’t make me think any less of him.

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