Skee Ball Game Ramp Champ Coming to iPhone

In the past year, Iconfactory has served up Frenzic, a tap-happy puzzler that mastered the art of being simple to pick-up but hard to conquer, as well as one of the most popular Twitter apps on the App Store, Twitterrific. Hardly what you’d call two peas in a pod. But what’s next for the developer?

Naturally, the fact that Iconfactory has disclosed so little about its new title Ramp Champ, announced back in June, has only piqued our interest. Luckily for us, Iconfactory has decided to reveal just a few titbits to whet our appetite, hinting at just what we should expect when the game hits the App Store later this year.

‘Obviously we’re trying to give a big surprise punch when the game is released,’ Iconfactory’s Gedeon Maheux told us after a certain amount of begging, ‘but we can say that Ramp Champ is a new twist on a classic boardwalk game: Skee Ball.’

Skee Ball, for the green amongst you, is an arcade take on ten-pin bowling, where dropping the ball into a hole at the end of an inclined run, rather than smashing down pins, is the order of the day.

‘The game takes the best parts of this familiar arcade experience and amps it up for the iPhone,’ Maheux continued. ‘All the familiar trappings are here: incredible gameplay, a wealth of fabulous, collectible prizes, a unique soundtrack and some of the most beautiful art ever to come to an iPhone game.’

A little digging has also revealed that Iconfactory plans to make use of in-app purchases, launched with the iPhone’s 3.0 OS, allowing developers to sell further products within the apps themselves. Just how this will be utilized in Ramp Champ’s case remains to be seen, but Iconfactory’s Craig Hockenberry has stated on his blog that the game will make ‘great use of it’.

If that’s got you wanting more, the game’s teaser site should be your next port of call, though it currently reveals very little. As ever, if Iconfactory sheds any further light on its latest project, or if we can track down a screenshot or two, we’ll bring it straight to you.

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