Sequel Announced for The Room

Fireproof Studios has just announced that they’re working on a sequel to The Room, an atmospheric puzzle game that came out in September 2012. The sequel is expected to release in August. They also announced that they’re preparing a free expansion to the original game, which you can expect to see in “early summer” of this year.

The free expansion to the original game will continue the storyline and set up the events of the sequel. Both the expansion and sequel will work on iPhone 4S and newer, and iPad 2 and newer. We don’t have any specifics about the sequel or expansion at the moment, but you can probably count on more mysterious, supernatural puzzling and gorgeous graphics.

We adore The Room, and gave it a Must Have rating in our review last year. Apple also enjoyed it, naming it iPad game of year 2012. The Room has sold upwards of 1.75 million copies.

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