Secret SNES Emulator Released on App Store

A sneaky developer has released a Super Nintendo emulator on the App Store under the name Remote File Manager. It’s a $0.99 app, and you can download it here if you’re quick about it (Apple is sure to remove it soon).


Don’t get your hopes too high, though. The controls are terrible, which makes for a frustrating experience on any game that requires precise button pressing. I tried it out with Super Mario World, and it was impossible to hold a shell and jump at the same time using a single thumb (as you would on an SNES controller). Instead, I had to awkwardly position my hand to place two fingers on the screen at once.

If it’s any consolation, the way it works is very very simple. Just acquire an .smc file from your favorite ROM distributor on the Internet, place it in your Dropbox account, open the Remote File Manager app, link it to Dropbox, and voila: you’re playing an SNES game on your iOS device.

[Via Touch Arcade]

  • Jon Tooth

    We cant find it now…this article and others line it have alerted apple. It should have remained word of month.

    • STP_Chris

      It’s newsworthy and of interest to our readers, so we’re going to report on it. If you missed this one, I’m sure another will be along soon enough.

  • The Derp Knight

    Does it only run SNES games?

    • STP_Chris

      Yes. I tried NES, Genesis, GBA, and DS games also, but it couldn’t open any of them.

      • The Derp Knight

        Thanks for the heads-up! Bought it yesterday before Apple took it down, and now I can play Final Fantasy VI and Earthbound on my phone!