Secret Exit Confirms Zen Bound 2 In Development

Zen Bound was one of the very first iPhone games that truly served to legitimize the platform. While console gamers were busy lambasting the system for its overabundance of cheap, throwaway games, iPhone gamers were enjoying one of the most sublime puzzle games since Tetris.

So it perhaps comes as little surprise that developer Secret Exit is now working on a full sequel to the game. In a comment posted on Touch Arcade, they revealed that Zen Bound 2 was originally meant as an update of the game to utilize the full capabilities of the 3GS. However, the project spun off into a whole new title.

Secret Exit remarked, “Zen Bound 3GS project has grown beyond a simple graphical upgrade. Our current plans are to give this game the time it needs and release a full-fledged sequel. Zen Bound 2 it is.”

They also made clear that they are working on an official announcement to be released in the coming weeks, and that the game is still months away from release. Therefore all graphics and interface details “should be considered placeholders.”

[Via TouchArcade]

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