Screenshots Surface For Mass Effect: Jacob’s Story

Bioware Community Coordinator Chris Priestly, writing from “Behind an Evil desk in Marketing,” responded to the flurry of activity on the Bioware forums regarding the leak of the Mass Effect: Jacob’s Story screenshots, saying first and foremost that, “Yes, this is not a hoax or fake story. BioWare is making a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch based in the Mass Effect universe.”

This is about as official as it gets. Bioware made the statement in response to the actions of a tester who broke a non-disclosure agreement, Priestly said.

[from Bioware Forums]

Gaming site Joystiq is reporting an apparent leak of screenshots from what appears to be a Mass Effect title for the iPhone. Reportedly a bridge between the original Mass Effect and the upcoming sequel, the story delves into the background of Jacob Taylor, “a biotic-powered super-soldier who stumbles across a plot to terrorize civilization’s greatest beacon of hope.”

Joystiq says it got the tip when a “reader recently took a survey about an upcoming Mass Effect app for the iPhone/iPod Touch,” but we at Slide To Play have been unable to track down the survey or verify its authenticity. We’ve been sitting on this for a bit, trying to follow up with Electronic Arts, but our contacts there declined comment, neither confirming nor denying the existence of the game.

Mass Effect: Jacob’s Story is a departure from the decision tree-based console RPG, instead featuring “top-down shooter combat and a stylized, cartoonish look,” according to Joystiq. The title would feature 2 hours of gameplay for a cost of $2.99.

We recognize that there is a lot of missing information surrounding this leak, and the fact that the story is attributed to a single Joystiq reader certainly raises red flags over here. We’re not ready to jump on the fanboy bandwagon for this quite yet, so keep your eyes on Slide To Play as we try to dig up more details on this.

And of course, if you have any tips, by all means send them our way.

[from Joystiq]

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