San Francisco Subway Station Houses iPhone Game Ads

The first trailer for Cowboys vs. Zombies made its debut last night at the Another Hole In The Head indie horror film festival in San Francisco. Check it out, along with some interesting quotes from the developers about how they chose to market the game, after the jump.

In a press release for the AHITH festival, Tall Chair developers Ben Acevedo and Dan Brazelton explained their marketing strategy for Cowboys vs. Zombies.

“Our total marketing budget is less than the amount of money typically spent by larger companies on just one giant-sized poster outside of E3. We’ve had to be creative with how we spend every dollar. We received great visibility during the World Wide Developers Conference with some strategically placed posters in the Powell St. BART Station. Sponsoring Another Hole in the Head is a great opportunity for us to reach our audience and for us to help other independent artists.” Acevedo continued.

Tall Chair’s marketing efforts have included a clever sticker campaign, social media, posters in the BART transit system, sponsoring Another Hole in the Head and cross-promoting with the festival in the SF Bay Guardian. They also have a couple of big surprises planned in the upcoming weeks to coincide with their game launch day.

“We can’t wage war on a national ad campaign with the big players like Electronic Arts or Gameloft in the iPhone space. What we can do is focus our efforts. Everyone on the team has been fantastic in advocating for the game, everyday. Our Marketing director has been printing our t-shirts, this is living your brand.” President Dan Brazelton added.

If you were arriving at WWDC this week via BART, San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit subway system, you might have spied an advertisement for an upcoming iPhone game. That’s right, not an Apple ad showing games on the device in general, but a specific iPhone game coming this summer.

This ad was spotted in the Powell street BART station, just a few blocks from Moscone Center, where WWDC was taking place. BART travelers are used to seeing wall-to-wall ads for everything from Miracle Whip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but this is the first time we’ve encountered an iPhone game ad.

While this is our first exposure to the game Cowboys vs Zombies, this unorthodox (and surely expensive) marketing tactic has gotten our attention. But with 100 million iDevice users, many of whom live or work in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’d be curious to see if this tactic pays off.

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