Rumor Mill: Audiosurf on iPhone?

From Dylan Fitterer, Audiosurf developer:

“Hmmm… I hadn’t seen that video before. That looks suspiciously like a video of an Audiosurf run being played back on an iPod :)”

“I agree with you that Audiosurf would be great to have on iPhone, I’m just waiting for apple to open up the music library (as you mentioned in the top 10 list).

I do have a big update coming to the PC version very soon with the largest new features being unicode support and localization. It also includes a new mode optimized to run well on netbooks so that will be a good way to play Audiosurf on the go.”

Thanks to Dylan for his speedy reply! It looks as though we’ll have to wait until Apple sees the light before we’ll see Audiosurf on an iDevice for real.

Rumors are circulating that the hit PC game Audiosurf may soon be making the leap to the iPhone/iPod Touch. This is an exciting (albeit completely unsubstantiated) rumor, as this game was #10 on our list of games we’d love to see ported to the iPhone.

A Dutch developer first posted about it all the way back in May 2008, and that blog has not been updated since. Nate5911 from the Touch Arcade forums found the video.

So far information on the project is very sparse, although the development team listed “create touch controls for iPod Touch and iPhone” on its to-do list. Meanwhile, along with the news there’s a very rough video showing an early version of the game on a touchwheel iPod.

Audiosurf is an IGF Excellence in Audio Award winning Puzzle/Rhythm hybrid game created by Invisible Handlebar. We’re not holding our breath on this one; the fact that the blog hasn’t been updated for a long time is not encouraging. Nevertheless, we’ve put in an email to the Audiosurf team asking for comment, and we’ll let you know what we find out.

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