Rovio Rolls Out Game Save Sync

Rovio has just announced that they’ve started to roll out “Rovio accounts” that will let you sync your Rovio game saves between devices. For now, you can use Rovio account in the original Angry Birds and The Croods. Assuming all goes well, the rest of their line-up will get the service in the future.

So on the off chance you’re still playing the original Angry Birds, or you want to use this as an excuse to dive back in, check it out now. If you have any questions about it, see Rovio’s FAQ.


One thought on “Rovio Rolls Out Game Save Sync

  1. Does it work between different versions of the game, so my iPad save would work on my iPhone? Why didn’t they just use iCloud, maybe they are planning to do this with the Android version too.

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