Road Not Taken Trailer Released

Spry Fox, the makers of the insanely playable (and re-playable) Triple Town, have released a trailer for their next game, Road Not Taken. It’s based on Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken,” which you probably read in high school and can read here in full. Watch the trailer below.


The trailer is a teaser, so we don’t see much gameplay, but it looks just as serious/cute as Triple Town. They say the game is a roguelike about life and loss. It has you “journey through a vast, ever-changing forest in the aftermath of a brutal winter storm.”

Sounds good to us. Road Not Taken is slated to release later this year, but you can read more about the game at Spry Fox’s blog.

One thought on “Road Not Taken Trailer Released

  1. I can’t wait! I love Triple Town and this just looks darker and sadder, which is cool I guess. Please keep the updates coming on this game :)

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