Revolution’s Beneath a Steel Sky Makes Its iPhone Debut

While many people’s point and click playtime doesn’t venture much beyond the LucasArts Monkey Island franchise, rival Revolution Software, famous for its Broken Sword series and cult classic Beneath a Steel Sky, has built up a serious fan base of its own over the years. It’s the latter title, widely accredited as being a landmark release when it hit the shelves back in 1994, that’s set to make a big splash on the iPhone.

Announced back in the summer, Revolution head Charles Cecil revealed earlier this week that Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered was just about ready to launch on the App Store, which it has this morning. Cecil used an exclusive screening of the game at BAFTA’s Access All Areas event in London to proclaim the new iPhone edition as “better than the original”.

‘The adventure genre is undergoing a renaissance,’ Cecil said in a press release when the game was announced. ‘Digital distribution has changed the game for developers, and it’s great to be able to communicate directly with our audience. Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered is just the start of what we want to do.

‘We’ll be announcing more Revolution Pocket titles soon-‘“ some of which people will recognize, others which will be wholly original. But our aim with whatever title we release is to ensure we offer a different type of game to those currently available, illustrating that modern handheld games don’t have to be disposable-‘“ they can be engrossing, entertaining and intelligent.’

Indeed, Cecil’s desire to avoid simply repackaging a classic without tailoring it to suit its new format is admirable. The remastered version promises new animated movies from Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons, in-game tips, and the title’s highest ever quality audio, ensuring that even hardened Steel Sky fans won’t be able to resist picking up the title once again.

But it’s the prospect of more point and click games from Revolution, with the iPhone’s touchscreen seemingly lending itself to such play, that’s also grabbing the limelight. There are rumors that a remake of the original Broken Sword (which recently popped up on Nintendo DS in an all-new, extended form) is also being considered, setting many gamers’ pulses racing. Cecil has also told Pocket Gamer that a full-scale sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky is potentially on the drawing board. Gibbons himself added to the hype by confirming that the franchise has ‘by no means ended.”

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