Revolutionary Concepts Reveal New iPad Game

We’ve just received word that this new game has received a name and is on its way to App Store submission. The newly-dubbed Super Frog is nearly ready to make its debut on the iPhone and the team hopes that they’ll be ready with an iPad optimized version when the tablet launches this March.

The new screens that were also released reveal a bit more information about the game as well. From the screens we learn that our hero, Super Frog, was involved in a radiation experiment involving animals that went horribly awry. One of the scientists received that physical attributes of a frog, while the other gained the insatiable greed and appetite of a fly. Super Frog then sets out to right the wrongs committed by his former colleague. You can view all of these screenshots on the right side of this page.

They’ve named movies like The Fly and The Incredibles among their inspirations, and even offer a salute to the classic arcade game Frogger. The game will feature over 50 levels and online leaderboards.

Frogman, as this game is now known, has received a debut trailer on Youtube. Check it out!

The team who brought the awesome Cobra Command to iPhone have announced that they are working on an all-new title for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The as-yet unnamed project features some type of super-frog leaping off buildings through a bustling city. We have no details on the gameplay just yet, and so far we can only wager guesses as to how it will play. The HUD shows off just two buttons and we’re told there will be no D-pad or accelerometer control.

Judging from those two buttons, we’re guessing our super-frog will be tasked with leaping over people and obstacles on the path to victory.

We’re told that the game is about 70% complete, and is getting close to its App Store debut. They also showed us a sneak peek at a high-res screen shot running on the iPad, and let us know that the game will be available at the device’s launch.

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