Report: Nintendo Aims to Bring iOS Games to Wii U

Quick, for a million dollars worth of gold coins and mushrooms: What’s the best way for Nintendo to boost its crawling sales of the Wii U? The company may already have one answer. According to rumor, Nintendo is currently looking into ways that smartphone applications can be used on its consoles’ touch screens.

The news comes from “company sources” and has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo itself, which is why it’s chalked up as a rumor for now. If it’s true, however, it’s an interesting move that may result in more iOS and Android devs porting popular and profitable titles to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.


The availability of built-in physical controllers could prove an advantage for Nintendo, too: Gunman Clive on the Nintendo 3DS is more popular than the iOS and Android versions, even though the 3DS version is slightly more expensive. No doubt because the action-heavy game is far easier to play with a d-pad than a touch screen.

Of course, what people really want to see is for Mario and Pokemon to come to iOS, but there’s little indication that’s going to happen any time soon. The Nintendo 3DS’s turbulent life proves that, in the end, Nintendo’s software is still capable of selling its hardware—though a price drop on said hardware certainly doesn’t hurt.

[Japan Times via EuroGamer]

4 thoughts on “Report: Nintendo Aims to Bring iOS Games to Wii U

  1. Why don’t they clone popular iOS game types using Nintendo characters? Getting iOS games wouldn’t help them that much to me since that market already has an iOS device with no need to be near the Wii U console.

    • Because Nintendo has never made a game for a platform that wasn’t theirs. The exclusivity is the reason that I, iPhone 5 and iPad owner, bought a 3DS recently. It would also break that sanctity and I don’t think Nintendo’s ready to do that. I don’t think I’m ready for that, either. I feel like them doing that would indicate the end of Nintendo as we know it.

      • Actually, I was saying they should be making their own iOS type games for the Wii U referencing the news story instead of trying to get iOS games for the Wii U, I guess I have to spell out every little thing for some people to understand or don’t have proper reading comprehension.

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