Report: Microsoft Bringing Xbox , PC Games to iOS and Android

Microsoft has its own mobile OS, but it’s seemingly still up for swinging with iOS and Android. Yesterday, a report came in from Reuters that select PC and Xbox games will supposedly hit Apple’s devices in addition to Android.

The initial source of the news is the Nikkei, a Japanese news site (the site is in English and the headline is present, though the story is behind a paywall). Microsoft is supposed to be pairing up with Japanese smartphone game maker Klab Inc to publish Xbox and PC titles on Android and iOS, starting with the real-time strategy series Age of Empires. If all proves well and true, Age of Empires should be on phones by the end of 2013’s fiscal year.

Microsoft may have Windows Phone, but that doesn’t mean the company has avoided cross-pollination. Even the iOS version of its word/puzzle game Wordament allows players to garner Xbox-based achivements.

5 thoughts on “Report: Microsoft Bringing Xbox , PC Games to iOS and Android

  1. If only Nintendo would do the same but they don’t need to as long as their portables sell so well. Hopefully this means the recently unveiled Halo game will be on iPad too.

  2. I wish I could remember where I read this, but I seem to recall hearing that Age of Empires is going to be freemium.

  3. Could you imagine games like Halo and Fable on the iPad? That’d be amazing!

    The iPad is just starting to be recognized as a real gaming device, and these console titles will help show that.

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