Real Racing and Flight Control Updated for iPhone 4

Firemint always seems to be ready for what’s next. Flight Control was one of the first high-quality games on the App Store when Apple opened the gates to developers. When the iPad came out, HD versions of both Flight Control and Real Racing were waiting for early adopters to buy. Now, with the release of iPhone 4 and iOS 4, they’ve updated the regular versions of Flight Control and Real Racing to take advantage of the new hardware and software.

The first thing they’ve done is upgrade the graphics of both games to fit the micro-pixel display of the iPhone 4. Because we’re talking about pixel size, viewing screenshots on your computer won’t do the games justice, since most computer monitors have standard-sized pixels. In order to see the difference, you’ll have to look at the games on a screen with super-tiny pixels like, for instance, an iPhone 4.

The updates also enable the big iOS 4 goody: multitasking. Now you won’t have to fear getting a phone call or text message when you’re on the last lap or nearing your high score, because the games will be able to freeze and slip into the background until you’re ready to play again.

And if that’s not enough for you demanding gamers, Real Racing has been updated to take advantage of the ultra-sensitive gyroscope built into the iPhone 4.

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on Apple’s latest device to see the differences these updates make. Will the graphics appear four times as smooth and pretty? Will the gyroscope functionality make the cars in Real Racing handle even better? There’s only one way to find out. Where’s that UPS guy, anyway?

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