Rage and Rage HD Are Free for a Week

Thanks to a successful campaign to get 100,000 people to “like” Rage on Facebook, developer Id Software has made Rage and Rage HD available for free on the App Store for a week, ending August 24. Get it while it’s hot.

Rage for iOS is an intense on-rails shooter. In our review, we said we liked the game, but wished it was longer. It contains three levels, and a single play-through lasts about a half hour. Of course, nabbing all of the achievements requires multiple play-throughs, so you might get a decent amount of gameplay out of it. More than anything, Rage for iOS functions as adrenaline-pumping advertisement for the upcoming release of the console and PC version of Rage, which hits shelves on October 4.

Both Rage and Rage HD are universal apps; the difference between them is that the HD one has crisper textures that are “optimally viewed on a 4th generation device or an iPad.” So pick up one or both while they’re free.

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