Racing Sim 2K Drive Arrives On The App Store

2K’s answer to GT Racing: Motor Academy and Real Racing 3 recently arrived on the App Store. 2K Drive is a realistic driving simulator that features licensed cars, real-world locations, and online multiplayer. For those gamers who were opposed to Real Racing 3’s freemium pricing model, 2K Drive costs a hefty $6.99 to download, with optional in-app purchases.

From the launch trailer, we can tell that this game isn’t all about super-realistic driving scenarios. There are a few Crazy Taxi-like bonus races as well, like a twisting elevated platform and a giant bowling lane. You can even race against a helicopter, or drive an experimental car in the desert. We’ll have more on 2K Drive once we’ve taken it around the block a few times, but in the meantime, enjoy the trailer and these jaw-dropping screenshots.







3 thoughts on “Racing Sim 2K Drive Arrives On The App Store

  1. What the hell is going on with Slide to Play lately? You guys are a week or more behind everyone else, there’s not even any point in visiting this site anymore. You didn’t even cover the keynote or the new iPhone… Or are those stories scheduled to go up sometime next week?

  2. I REALLY wanted to like 2K Drive. But the non-intuitive and sluggish menus kill the entire experience for me. If they strip out the non-necessities from the menus and re-arrange what’s left I’d love to go back in and start playing again.

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