Puzzllotto Has A Winner!

According to Cabel Sasser (of Panic Software), Dave H. is Dave Hayden, a developer who works on Unison (a news group reader) for Panic.

United Lemur has reported via twitter that their puzzle/lottery/contest game Puzzllotto has a winner.

United Lemur – Congratulations to Dave H. from Portland, the new Puzzllotto Champion ‘” subject to third-party verification, as per the official rules.

Dave H. is a smarter fellow than any of us’”we found Puzzllotto to be a big headache inducer’”Congratulations Dave H.! Enjoy that $8,000 prize (we have some iPhone games to recommend you spend the prize on’¦).

We’re curious to hear how this unique gambit has played out for United Lemur. Was this an effective way to promote an iPhone game, and will we see future contests like it? Did any of you, our readers, take a shot at the PUzzllotto prize? Let us know what you think, in the comments.

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