Puzzllotto to Launch Today

The United Lemur Launch Event will be streamed live at 1PM, at www.unitedlemur.tv.

Also, Puzzllotto will be launching in the next week or two, not today.

Mike Lee, famed Mac and iPhone developer, has another revolution up his sleeve. Lee was a founder of Tapulous, a iPhone development house, which created Tap Tap Revenge as well as some great iPhone applications.

After leaving Tapulous, Lee has started a new project, United Lemur. Their very first piece of software, as well as the company itself, are to be launched today at 1PM (PST) in an event in Palo Alto.

All we know right now about United Lemur’s first project is its name, “Puzzllotto”. Judging from the name, we hope that it is an awesome game, but judging from Mike Lee’s revolutionary spirit, who knows.

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