Puzzle Quest: Chapter 3 Launches As In-App Purchase

No one would go and see a movie with a third of the scenes cut out, or pick up a book with scores of pages missing. Playing a game without a conclusion is equally frustrating, so the news that TransGaming has released the final chapter of the Puzzle Quest trilogy on the App Store will no doubt please the fans of its puzzle/RPG action.

Rather than launching it as a sequel, however, the new chapter is only available as an in-app purchase.

Players can pick it up in one of two forms; either through the existing Chapter 1 and 2 package for $1.99 (which was updated to version 1.5 to enable the latest chapter’s release), or via the free Lite version, which sells all three chapters together for the bargain price of $4.99.

Chapter 3 comes over a year since TransGaming released the second episode, and that update came without charge.

However, gamers are set to get value for their money with Chapter 3, as the developer has confirmed that the new episode includes content from the Revenge of the Plague Lord expansion pack and the original game.

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