Punch Quest’s Price Raised to a Dollar

Punch Quest, the latest title from Madgarden and Rocketcat Games, started out as a freemium download. Unfortunately for the developers, that pricing scheme failed. In an effort to make some money on the game, they’ve just raised the price to $0.99.

Making money from a freemium game requires a delicate balance. Give away too much in-game currency or too many power-ups, and players won’t feel the need to spend real-life money. Give away too little, and they’ll stop playing the game entirely. For developers who do find that balance, freemium games can be a huge cash cow– just look at the list of top-grossing games on the App Store. At the time of this writing, all but one of the games on there are freemium. Even after a recent update aimed at correcting the balance, Punch Quest apparently still hasn’t managed to bring in as much money as the developers would like.

We’ve loved every second we’ve spent with Punch Quest (and we’ve spent many hours playing the game). We gave it a Must Have score in our review, and even awarded it Game of the Month for October. We think the game is well worth a dollar, so we’re hopeful that the developers can make enough money from it to keep coming out with excellent games. If you haven’t downloaded Punch Quest yet, don’t let the $0.99 price tag stop you.

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