Pudding Monsters Gets New Levels, Is Currently Free

Good news, puzzle fans! ZeptoLab, the makers of the inimitable Cut the Rope series, has just released an update for their other puzzle game, Pudding Monsters, and made it free. So watch the trailer for the new content pack below and download the game before the price goes back up.

Pudding Monsters and its HD counterpart (also free) is a game about collecting stars and connecting puddings by sliding them in a straight line. The new update is called “Sky View,” and it introduces a new kind of monster called Mr. Powerlifter. So read our review, then download the game for iPhone here and/or for iPad here.

One thought on “Pudding Monsters Gets New Levels, Is Currently Free

  1. Cool little game. I’d heard of it, but it was never on my list of games to buy, fun though now that it’s free. Thanks for the heads up, Chris.

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