Prince of Persia Retro Leaps Onto App Store

The original Prince of Persia has just popped up on the App Store, under the name Prince of Persia Retro. Not to be confused with the prince’s more recent outings, this is the classic hack-‘n-slash platformer that came out on the computer back in 1989 before being ported to most of the consoles of the day. The best part? It only costs $0.99. The next best part? It’s a universal app, meaning it will play in native resolution on both the iPad and iPhone. You can check it out on the App Store here.

The game opens as the wicked vizier Jaffar is preparing to forcibly marry the princess. To keep you from interfering, he has thrown you in the dungeon. It’s your task to escape imprisonment and make your way through the palace to defeat Jaffar and save the princess within 60 minutes. Like later iterations of the series, the game is full of deadly traps and sword-wielding enemies. Also, it’s 100% Gyllenhaal-free.

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